We perform sheet metal cutting both mechanically and with a laser, which allows us to achieve the most accurate and cost-effective result possible. We are able to produce shapes, threads and small bends in the sheet metal during cutting.

As we are partners for the automotive, mechanical engineering, technical consumer goods and construction industries, we use a wide range of materials. Materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass and copper are well known.

The bent parts of this group are manufactured on mechanical and eccantric presses with a pressing force of up to 500 tons, as well as punching machines with a pressing force of up to 500 tons and material thicknesses of 0.2 mm to 10.0 mm.

As a manufacturer of bent parts, we offer you a cost-efficient solution with our manufacturing processes to produce precise bent parts in large quantities.

Many years of experience, technical know-how, precise bending tools and machines, well thought-out work processes and on-time delivery are your guarantee for good quality and a smooth process for your bent parts.

As a full-service industrial company, we also take care of surface finishing, post-processing and the assembly of entire assemblies.